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The Senior Center has thrived since 1960 with no government funding thanks primarily to the generous philanthropy of our community. Individual philanthropy is the the number one source of funding that helps thousands of our friends and neighbors stay involved, enriched, empowered and living independently.

Thank you to all those individuals, foundations, corporations and community organizations that make our Center a success.

If you are interested in how you can support the Senior Center, please read more below.

The Center is now accepting donations on-line via PayPal, a secure and easy way to make your gift electronically.

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Donating Securities

You can easily donate securities to the Senior Center to support our work. Your gift can also lower your taxes. By giving shares of stock (owned for at least one year) you can receive the same deduction you would for a cash donation while avoiding potential capital gains taxes.

You can either contact Peter Thompson, executive director, at 974-4577 or , or by working directly with your broker. Your broker simply needs to know that Scottrade manages our securities transfers. The account name is Senior Center, Inc. and Peter Thompson is the contact person. The DTC number for electronic transfers is 0705. Our account number is 72447377. For gifts of actual stock certificates please contact Peter Thompson.

The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship fund covers membership dues, costs for transportation to and from the Center, and program fees to individuals of limited resources in our area. This fund is accessible and hassle-free, so scholarships are awarded on an honor system basis. To qualify for funding, one only has to express a financial need. The Scholarship Fund plays a central role in ensuring that Center membership is available to everyone – and that strengthens our entire community. For more information on this important fund, please contact Sarah Althoff at 974-7756.

The 1180 Society

 The 1180 Society Logo

Named in honor of the home we built together at 1180 Pepsi Place, The 1180 Society is a circle of philanthropic leaders who have made outstanding personal commitments to the mission of the Senior Center. Through their leadership with an annual gift of $1,180 or more, members of the 1180 Society are a driving force behind our programs. For more information about this group, please contact our Executive Director, Peter Thompson, on his direct line at 974-4577 or stop by his office. Here is a story of two of our members of The 1180 Society.

Peggy and Ernie Boggs

Peggy and Ernie Boggs have been members of the Senior Center for nearly twenty-five years. If they don’t know you personally, chances are you know Peggy from the front desk or Ernie as the Center’s resident Santa Claus.

Although they have been loyal supporters of the Senior Center since they joined back in 1986, it wasn’t until this year that they decided to increase their support and become members of The 1180 Society.

Never having considered themselves “philanthropists”, Peggy and Ernie shared that, “over the years, we have given amply of our time to the Center. In fact, sometimes people joke that we ought to just move in. In truth, the Senior Center does feel like home. We held our 60th Anniversary celebration here—not just because we consider the Senior Center our family, but also because we’ve made so many friends here that we couldn’t fit anywhere else!”

In addition to giving their time to the Center, they have also made extra gifts financially whenever they could over the years. “We know that its low membership fees cover only a small part of the Senior Center’s operating costs, and so we always try to give when we can,” noted Peggy.

“We were surprised to learn, though, that over the course of a year, our modest gifts can really add up. Considering the role that the Senior Center has played in our lives for a quarter of a century, we decided to increase our giving slightly and work The 1180 Society into our household budget.”

“For us, it’s a way of expressing our gratitude and commitment to the Senior Center, and helping to lay the foundation for its future.”

Frances Jean Robey Legacy Society

Frances Jean RobeyThe Robey Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have taken the special steps necessary to remember the Senior Center in their will or through another planned giving method.  The society is named in tribute to Frances Jean Robey, who left her entire estate to our Senior Center in 1991.

Jean Robey’s legacy was paramount in building our current facility that we have enjoyed since 1991. She was neither a woman of great wealth nor was she a Center member. She simply valued what the Senior Center did for thousands of her friends and neighbors in our community.

If you are interested in discussing such a planned gift to the Senior Center, please contact our executive director Peter Thompson or your financial advisor. Members have left bequests or named the Senior Center as a beneficiary of charitable trusts, life insurance or pension plans, and through charitable gift annuities. All planned gifts are placed in the Elizabeth A. Seabrook Endowment Fund to ensure the long-term success of our Senior Center. There is no minimum amount required for membership in the Robey Legacy Society and your membership may remain anonymous if you choose.

Robey Legacy Society charter member Ian MacLeod.

Ian MacLeod on rightIan and Nella MacLeod shared much of their time and talent with the Senior Center during their nearly eighteen years as members. Nella passed away a year ago this month and Ian passed away just before Christmas. Married nearly 70 years, this amazing couple was active with our travel program, buildings and grounds, chess, tap dancing, Great Decisions and other lecture programs, Yoga, and much more.

They were also charter members of the Frances Jean Robey Legacy Society, leaving a portion of their estate to our Senior Center through a charitable trust. The trust generated cash flow for them for many years and gave them peace of mind that part of their legacy was a generous gift to the Center’s Seabrook Endowment Fund. They were both proud of the impact the Center has had on so many lives.

Leave a Legacy:

For more information on including the Senior Center in your estate plans, Click Here to visit our local Leave a Legacy site.

Elizabeth A. Seabrook Endowment Fund

Liz SeabrookThe Elizabeth A. Seabrook Endowment Fund is named in honor of Liz Seabrook who served as executive director from 1978-1997. Among her many talents and successes was her vision of building our own facility, which we opened in 1991 on Pepsi Place. Her passion for our mission was the driving force to our large expansion and much of our success this past generation.

The Seabrook Endowment Fund is managed at the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF). Your donation to the Seabrook Endowment Fund will live in perpetuity, with the interest earned from the fund being used to improve our programs. Your generous gift to the Seabrook Endowment Fund will create a permanent source of strength for your Senior Center. Our goal is to have distributions from the fund for sustained funding for current and innovative new programs to help meet our mission to involve, enrich, and empower seniors in our community.

The "Elizabeth A. Seabrook Rose" shown below, is blooming in Liz’s memory in our own Senior Center Rose Garden.
The Elizabeth A. Seabrook Rose, blooming in Liz’s memory in our own Senior Center Rose Garden.You may make a gift to the Elizabeth A. Seabrook Endowment Fund at any time by noting on your donation of cash or securities to the Senior Center your intent for the donation to be to the fund. All planned gifts, for example bequests or charitable trusts, are allocated to the Seabrook Endowment Fund. Please contact our executive director Peter Thompson at 974-7756 or send an email to the , for more information about the Seabrook Endowment Fund and the Frances Jean Robey Legacy Society, our society of friends who have made planned gifts to the Senior Center.


Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity

With interest rates on CDs at historically low levels, now is a good time to consider a Charitable Gift Annuity. A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract under which the Senior Center agrees, in return for your gift of cash or marketable securities, to pay you a fixed payment for the rest of your life (or for a period of two lives). As a bonus, you’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction when you itemize on your tax return (subject to certain adjusted gross income limitations).

The annuity rate is based on your age. The older you are, the higher the rate. Based on an age of 75, the annuity payout rate is 7.1%. That means, if you donate assets worth $10,000 to the Senior Center, the Center will pay you $710 each year for the rest of your life. Income taxes on your payments vary, depending on the type of contribution you make. If you contribute $10,000 in cash, each of your next 12.4 years’ payments of $710 will contain $428.35 of tax-free income (as opposed to CD income, which is all currently taxable as ordinary income).

Finally, your Charitable Gift Annuity is part charitable gift and part purchase of an annuity. The gift portion of your transfer is deductible for income tax purposes. Based on the above example, your current income tax deduction would be $4,688.42.

What a great way for a donor to:

  • receive a good, tax-favored return in this low interest rate environment,
  • receive a current income tax deduction,
  • reduce the size of his or her adjusted gross estate for federal estate tax purposes, and
  • make a meaningful contribution that will benefit the Senior Center.

So you see, it is actually possible to do well by doing good! Contact Peter Thompson, , at 974-7756 or your financial adviser for more information.

Double Your Donation - Company’s Matching Gift.

Did you know that hundreds of companies match employees—and retirees—donations to qualified nonprofit organizations? Senior Center, Inc. qualifies for virtually all corporate matching gift programs, even if you are retired.

Here is a small sampling of companies that have matching gift programs:

American Express
Bank of America
General Electric
Johnson and Johnson
State Farm

If your company is not listed here, follow this link for an easy search of companies which make matching gifts: Company Matching Gift Website.

Simply contact your current or former employer to learn more about your corporate matching gift program, complete a very simple form, and send it to the Senior Center with your donation. For more information, contact  Peter Thompson, , at 974-7756.

To review the Senior Center's IRS form 990 with detailed and independently audited financial information  and to view the  website, click HERE.

Senior Center, Inc is recognized by the Virginia Better Business Bureau as meeting all 15 Standards for Local Charitable Solicitations. Meeting these standards assures donors that their funds are being used appropriately, to meet our mission of enriching, empowering and involving seniors.

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)

Do you work for the Commonwealth of Virginia

or have a friend who works for the Commonwealth?

If you or your friends are interested in giving to the Center through this charitable campaign opportunity, please designate #3996.

$1,658.00 in was designated to Senior Center, Inc. in 2007.

More than 1,000 charities apply annually to participate in the Commonwealth's workplace giving campaign. More than 20,000 employees annually support their favorite charities through the CVC. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is the tool that facilitates State Employee giving. Since 1997, employees have raised over $25 million! In the 2005 campaign, more than 22,000 employees gave a record $4.4 million, including over $502,000 designated to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

Employees may designate their gift to a specific charity (or multiple charities), to all the charities in their part of the state, or to all the charities in the campaign. With over 1300 charities, there are plenty of choices for employee giving.

Designate #3996 on your pledge form.

For more information, visit the CVC website .

Wish list updated 1/24/2012

Looking for ways to help support the Senior Center? Interested in buying/donating specific items that are needed? Then this opportunity is for you! The following items are needed to support the Center’s administration, grounds and programs.

  • < service prevention>iPad 2 with Wi-Fi 64 GB: For use by Travel Office to promote trips, assist travelers with online registry, and be a resource to travel escorts while managing trips. Refurbished version for $599 at the Apple Store; New $699 at Best Buy.
  • Ball Point Pens: Red, blue and black. For office and volunteer use.
  • Paper: 8½” x 11” standard white copy paper; 8½” x 11” colored copy paper
  • Subscription to the Washington Post: $77.74 for 6 months for the De Lawter Room.
  • The Daily Progress Subscription:  $101.40 for 6 months for the De Lawter Room.
  • Mac Computer for Computer Center: For use in teaching computer skills. Best Buy: Apple Mac Mini, Intel® Core™2 Duo / 2GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive $699 SKU: 9952305

For more information on any of these items, or to see if some generous donor has beat you to the punch, contact Sarah Althoff at 434.974.7756, our .

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!!

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