Hiking - Mondays

Hiking - Mondays
Monday, November 20, 2017 | 9:00am - 3:00pm


Hiking Protocol:

Monday hikers meet in the Senior Center parking lot and leave at 9 am. Driving time to the trailhead varies between 1/2h to 1 ½ hour. Return time is generally between 3 pm and 4 pm. We hike roughly 6 miles with an elevation change between 1,200 ft to 2,500 ft. Bring lunch, water, a change of shoes with a bag for muddy boots, plus $5.00 for the carpool driver. Wear appropriate clothing. Sneakers are not adequate. For wintry weather we require traction devices. Trekking poles are also quite helpful. We encourage a spirit of camaraderie and welcome new hikers, but bear in mind that rambling about the Blue Ridge can be a rigorous enterprise   Contact Anne Colgate at amc16633@hotmail.com or 301-938-9741 (cell) for inclusion on the email list for final updates or changes; before a hike, check your email the previous night & early morning.

Monday leaders:  

Anne Colgate: amc16633@hotmail.com     
Chuck Hughes - 434.823.1797
Steve Braintwain.: sbraintwain@comcast.net



Sept 4th: from Old Rag prkg at Weakley Hollow FR, map 10, Hot-Short Mnt trl to outcropping, 6.6 m, 1,300 ft in/out
Sept 11th: from Dundo picnic area, map 11, MP 83.8, AT N to Doyles Riv cabin, 6.5 m 1,000 ft in/out
Sept 18th: from Sugar Hollow Reservoir sth prkg, map 11, N Firk Moormans Riv FR to Shop un tributary, 7 m, 1,337 ft in/out
Sept 25th: from Brown Mnt Ovrlk, map 11, MP 76.9, Patterson Ridge trl to Loft Mtn Wayside, MP 79.2,  6.5 m, 1,800 ft shuttle


Oct 2nd: from Old Rag prkg at Weakley Hollow FR, map 10,  Corbin Mtn trl, 6 m, ???? in/out
Oct 9th: from Old Rag prkg at Berry Hollow FR, map 10, Old Rag Mtn to summit, 5.6 m, 1,800 ft in/out
Oct 16th: from Bearfence Mtn prkg, map 10, MP 56.9, AT N to top of Hazel Mtn, 5.4 m, 1,400 ft in/out
Oct 23rd:  from Hog Camp Gap, map 13, Cole/Cold Mtn + Old Hotel trls, 6.3 m, 1,400 ft loop
Oct 30th: from bottom near Crimora, map 11, Riprap trl to Chimney Rock, 6.6 m, 1,400 ft in/out

Nov 6th: from Humpback picnic area, map 12, MP 8.9, AT S to rock outcrop, 5.6 m, 1,500 ft in/out
Nov 13th: from Meadow Springs prkg, map 10, MP 33.7, Hazel Mtn + White Rocks trls to summit + caves + waterfall, 6 m, 1,200 ft in/out
Nov 20th : from Blackrock prkg, map 11, MP 84.9, Trayfoot Mnt trl to peak, 6.1 m, 1,650 ft in/out
Nov 27th: from Braley Pond in Ramseys Draft area, Bald Ridge trlto Bridge Hollow trl, 6 m, 1,700 ft in/out


Dec 4th: from Browns Gap, map 11, MP 83, Rockytop trl to Lewis Peak trl, 6.8 m, 1,400 ft in/out
Dec 11th: from Blackrock Gap prkg, map 11, MP 87, Paine Run trl, 6.8 m, 1,000 ft in/out
Dec 18th: the Skyland N entrance, map 10, MP 41.8, Stony Man + Little Stony Man to Crusher Ridge trl, 5.9 m, 1,500 ft loop
Dec 25th: no hike

Please visit the Hiking-Wednesdays page for information on Wednesday hikes.

Members only.

Varies; check schedule

Fee: free