Fishing Group / Kingfishers

Fishing Group / Kingfishers
Wednesday, May 2, 2018


A co-ed group of anglers, from novice to expert, that meets monthly to share information and ideas, learn from guest speakers, and make plans for fun and skill development opportunities. Members of the group lead a variety of fishing trips, near and far, in search of a variety of fish. The club maintains a pond in Free Union for the use of members and guests, and offers fishing instruction to new anglers.

Kingfishers May 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes

 Our meeting was opened by our President, Darryl Marshall.   14 anglers attended.  The April minutes were reviewed.  The treasurer reported $589.05 in our account. There are 24 members with 5 partners/spouses.  

 Pond Report:  Jay reported no reports received recently.  He has visited the pond several times and felt the water level if good.  Clark reported on a trip he caught several crappies and small bass; many small bluegills were observed in the pond.  After some discussion it was decided to remove both crappies and bluegills and leave the bass.  This is a change to our former rules. Horace Fidler recently caught numerous bluegills with his fly rod.

 Activities/Programs:  Darryl reported on the Club’s assistance at Camp Holiday Trails on April 21st; 6 members participated.  Their fishing equipment is in terrible shape. Last year the Club had a workday at the Camp and fixed several of their rods and reels.

Bill Marley reported on Kid’s Trout Fishing Day at Mint Springs Park on April 28th; 3 members participated to help any youth that needed help with their fishing technique.  Many trout were caught with several weighing over 3 lbs.  Jay actually weighed several of the trout. Several photos were shown of the event.      

Darryl reported that the paving is completed at the Woodlands Road Landing.  It was suggested that a thank note to the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and the fellow from the Parks and Recreation be sent.  Access to the reservoir has been greatly improved.

Darryl reported on the Club’s trip to the New River on April 24th & 25th; 6 members participated.  4 members fished on the 24th and 4 fished on the 25th.  On the first day fishing occurred on the New River.  On the second, the New River’s water level was to high so the group fished on Wolf Creek.  Numerous fish were caught on both days.  Greg Anderson was credited with a citation smallmouth bass.

Planned Trips:  Several potential trips were discussed.  Bill Marley is leading a trip to Graves Mt Lodge on May 7th for trout fishing in the stocked pond and lunch at the Lodge. Anyone wanting to go meet at the Senior Center Monday at 9am and we will car pool to the Lodge.  We will fish about 1 and ½ hours and then head to the Lodge.  We have done this in the past and it’s a great Club outing.  You can also fish in the Rose River next to the Lodge.  Lunch will coat about $12.  

The Club’s annual picnic is scheduled for June 15th at the farm of Alyce Hastings and Kim Culbertson;  the farm is located off Rt 15 north of Zion Crossroads.  Details to follow.  

Additional potential trips were discussed to include Lake Orange, the Rapidan River, etc.  Greg Anderson will be looking into trips for the summer.  

The shad are in force at Fredericksburg.  Bill and Lee caught about 74 shad on April 30th.  After a slow start the shad should be at Fredericksburg for the next week or two.  

Bill Marley passed out Matt Reilly’s “Top eight small water gems”, which includes Lake Orange.  Matt is an outdoor writer and expert trout fly fisherman.  He was a speaker at one of our recent meetings.  Check out  

Bill Marley, Secretary

Members only.

Senior Center

Contact: Darryl Marshall, 434.481.4221 or Bill Marley 434.589.3949