Primetime Fitness

Primetime Fitness
Monday, April 10, 2017


Maggie Schmidt, Instructor (M, T-TH)
Faith Minyard, Instructor (W)
Faith Minyard and Jeanmarie Badar (F)  

Taught by certified instructors and featuring three class styles each week.  The Monday, Wednesday series is geared toward active people who want to build cardio-vascular strength, tone body, and improve balance.  It includes low-impact aerobics and body toning and stretching exercises.  The 2-day series includes low impact aerobics and weight and chair exercises for people who want to build cardio-vascular and muscular strength and improve balance.

The Friday Primetime Fitness class is PrimeTime Plus! The PrimeTime Plus class will add the important components of balance, coordination, agility, and quickness to your fitness routine. Participants use a variety of equipment to do 'functional exercises' (movements that mimic the activities of daily living), specifically targeted to the senior population, to reduce risk of falling and maintain independence. Two qualified instructors (Jeanmarie Badar and Faith Minyard) will allow for more individualized attention and increased variety.  Bring a mat and wear good athletic shoes and comfortable clothes.

Open to all.

Senior Center

Contact: Senior Center 974.7756

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Primetime Fitness