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A recent research project by the California Commission on Aging found that senior centers not only provide helpful resources to older adults, but they serve the entire community with information on aging; support for family caregivers, trained professionals and students; and the development of innovative approaches to aging issues. Clinical studies have shown that seniors who volunteer are happier, have an increased sense of well-being, enjoy broader social networks, and live longer.

Our Senior Center Gets Results

As you know, the Senior Center offers programs that focus on holistic wellness and encourage seniors to maintain their health and independence. Our 2015 Program Evaluation illustrated how our programs are meeting this mission.

Of those surveyed who participate in an …

    INTELLECTUALwellness program, 100% have learned something new.
    PHYSICALwellness program, 97% have more energy.
    SOCIALwellness program, 98% have made new friends.
    EMOTIONALwellness program, 100% have met someone with whom they can discuss similar personal experiences.
    VOCATIONALwellness program, 100% feel a sense of accomplishment.
    87%of ALL program participants surveyed have a more positive outlook on life.
    99%of ALL program participants surveyed have fun!

Below are just a few of the heartfelt comments shared by participants:

    First-Wind Band: “In my six years of retirement, I have become involved in many activities, all of which I enjoy. But the First- and Second-Wind Band experience has been my favorite, by far!”
    Primetime Fitness: “I would not exercise regularly without Primetime Fitness. It has been great.”
    Still Sharp Singers: “It’s the highlight of my week!”
    Religion, Science & Spirituality: “Always offers interesting, provocative, thought-provoking ideas—very worthwhile.”