Travel Class - TJ Shaping the West

Travel Class - TJ Shaping the West

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 | 3:30-4:30pm

Introduction—Often regarded as the “father of the American West,” Thomas Jefferson shaped that vast territory in so many ways. In 1803 his presidential administration purchased a great swath of it. He quickly followed that up by launching expeditions into it. In this class we’ll begin by exploring Jefferson’s fascination with the terra incognita beyond the Alleghenies, then we’ll learn of the numerous western expeditions he fostered. We’ll also pay homage to the other Central Virginians who had a hand in forging the West: Dr. Thomas Walker (who discovered the pathway into Kentucky); George Rogers Clark (who conquered the Old Northwest); James Monroe (who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase); Edward Coles (the influential anti-slavery advocate); and B. F. Ficklin (whose genius and fearlessness led him into a life filled with adventure). Join us to discover more about “Thomas Jefferson & the Virginians Who Shaped the West!”   

Our Lecturers—Historian Alexandria Searles is Executive Director of the Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center. Local historian Rick Britton has published scores of central Virginia history articles, and three books including the award-winning Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler.

The Class—At the Senior Center Inc. beginning on Tuesday, March 13, then continuing for 5 consecutive Tuesdays, 3:30–4:30 pm. Charge: Senior Center members: $70.00—guests: $80.00.

• Tuesday, March 13th - 3:3o pm – “Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Empire of Liberty’” - Britton

• Tuesday, March 20th - 3:3o pm – “Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery” - Searls

• Tuesday, March 27th - 3:3o pm – “Freeman & Custis’s ‘Grand Excursion”’ - Britton 

• Tuesday, April 3rd - 3:3o pm – “George Rogers Clark, James Monroe, & Edward Coles; Three Central Virginians Who Left Their Mark” - Britton

• Tuesday, April 10th - 3:3o pm –  “Dr. Thomas Walker & the Cumberland Gap” - Britton

• Tuesday, April 17th - 3:3o pm –  “The Amazing Life of B. F. Ficklin” - Britton

• Tuesday, April 24th – Travel Session: A fabulous western day-trip (on the other side of the Blue Ridge). In the morning we’ll visit the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation’s beautiful museum (which features a movie about Claudius Crozet’s tunnel), then dine nearby. The afternoon will find us marveling at one of Virginia’s “Wonders of the World”—Natural Bridge (where we’ll also explore a Monacan Indian village). (Tour departs 9:00 a.m., returns between 5:30 & 6:30 p.m. Travel Session is a separate charge.)

Open to all.

Location: Senior Center

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Travel Class - TJ Shaping the West

Member $70.00
Guest $80.00
Presentation - Cotswolds and Cat's Abbey

Presentation - Cotswolds and Cat's Abbey

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 | 1:00-2:00pm

Rich Lambert of Home Comfort Travel will hold a briefing on our Cotswolds and Cat’s Abbey tour scheduled for October 2 – 10

Location: Senior Center

Fee: free