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Travel Class - Civil War Nuts and Bolts

Every Tuesday th Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm-4:00pm
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 3:00pm


A perfect class for both recent transplants and local history buffs who want to delve a bit deeper!

Introduction—To historian Rick Britton, the phrase “Civil War Nuts & Bolts” means the practical details of the average soldier’s day-to-day existence. Plenty has been written about Civil War battles, and the great and not-so-great generals who conducted them. By comparison, little has been penned regarding the lives of the North and South’s 3 million soldiers. This class seeks to answer the most common Civil War nuts-and-bolts questions, such as: How did the soldiers camp? What did they eat and who supplied it? Why did they wear wool? How did they carry all their accoutrements? How fast did they march? How far could they march in a day? How fast could they load and fire? Did they really fight shoulder-to-shoulder? Why? If you’re interested in the Civil War, we know you’ve got plenty of questions. Write them down and sign up for this class!

Our Lecturer—An award-winning Charlottesville-based historian, Rick Britton has published scores of Civil War articles, and has led Civil War battlefield tours all across Virginia for over a decade. He’s also written three books—Albemarle & Charlottesville: An Illustrated History (2006), Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler (2008), and Virginia Vignettes: Famous Characters & Events in Central Virginia History (2015).

The Class—At the Senior Center Inc. beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 19, then continuing for 4 consecutive Tuesdays, 3:oo–4:3o pm.
Charge: Senior Center members: $7o.oo—guests: $8o.oo.

• Tuesday, Sept. 19th - 3:00 pm – “Infantry, the Queen of the Battlefield”
• Monday, Sept. 25th - 3:oo pm – “Cavalrymen, the War’s Beaux Sabreurs”
• Tuesday, Oct. 3rd - 3:00 pm – “Artillery, Rifled & Smoothbore” 
• Tuesday, Oct. 10th - 3:00 pm – “The War’s Unsung: Engineers, Commisaries & More!”
• Tuesday, Oct. 17th - 3:00 pm – “Causes of the War & Modern-day Confederate Iconography”

Open to all.

Location: Senior Center

Pay for this event online

Travel Class - Civil War Nuts and Bolts

Member $70.00
Guest $80.00