Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Taylor Welch

Taylor catches the eye. Not only because she is obviously the wrong age for the Senior Center, but also because she has a jaunty, bobbing walk and a wide smile. She has been volunteering at the Center’s Library since 2014 from nine to one every Tuesday and Thursday. The day of her interview she proudly confessed that she had cleaned and wiped every surface in the Library. She can be found organizing the greeting cards, replacing books in an organized fashion that have been shelved out-of-place, and assisting her Aunt Kimberly, with administrative duties to support the Volunteer Department.

She plays many roles in the outer community. Taylor grew up in Charlottesville, going to Primary School in Crozet and High School at Western Albemarle. After High School she joined a post High School program for students with special needs which introduced her to many work sites to help her choose job interests for the future. So Taylor has had a job at Pet Supply Plus, the Holiday Inn, and the SPCA. Here she helped with the cleaning and delightedly told me they were allowed to play with the kittens as a reward.

I asked if she played any sports and was humbled by her answer. A list followed. She takes part in the Special Olympics and particularly enjoys the gymnastics. She loves the floor dance which is done as a group. She has been a volunteer with the Gene Arnold 10K Race for Area 3 Special Olympics, for more than two-years and regularly participates in the fund drive for Special Olympics. She told me proudly of her part in a video produced for the Special Olympics.

Other sports and games she participates in include horseback riding. It was suggested as a therapeutic activity, she now attends Charlottesville Area Riding Therapy (CART), and Taylor loves and it, along with the horses themselves. Excitedly, I was told that the Virginia State Fair, held in Richmond, would include the farm where Secretariat was raised and one of the foals from him still races. Taylor enjoys watching polo, and other games she plays are swimming and tennis. Since High School Taylor has been very sociable and takes part in many activities. She played roles in musicals such as Annie and Guys and Dolls produced by the theater group in her school. The CART program, and Friends for Life chapter at the Trinity Church, which organizes many parties and dances; Taylor always looks forward to each.

Taylor lives with her parents and shares their holidays and postings abroad. To date she has lived in Buenos Aires where she learnt Spanish. Taylor has been to Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. She has taken many cruises and has been a visitor to five continents. She loved Istanbul and many European cities. She enjoys different cuisines, Thai, Spanish and Indian. She remembers fondly her ride on an elephant in Thailand. Other favorites are writing poetry and rolling pumpkins. When asked what she likes about the Center she said she loved meeting people.

Thank you, Taylor for your hard work and your cheerfulness!