The Center at Belvedere

The Center at Belvedere


Expansion of facilities for the Senior Center has been a goal of members, community stakeholders, Board of Directors and staff for many years. On any given day, the current building built in 1991, is full of people participating in academic classes, discussion groups, games, knitting, travel planning, painting, music and more. With more than 8,000 individuals passing through the doors of the Senior Center every year we are the epicenter for healthy aging in the greater Charlottesville area.

Research proves that programming such as ours—centered on holistic wellness—promotes longer, healthier, happier lives. The Center needs not just more space, but space that is more functional, tailored to keep up with healthy aging best practices learned over the last 57 years.

Through partnerships and collaboration we are planning a new Senior Center called The Center at Belvedere. In the Belvedere neighborhood just two miles from our current site, we envision a welcoming, warm community hub with more than 50,000 sq feet of space for healthy aging activities.

What have you accomplished? A lot!

As of October, 2017:

  • The Belvedere property was purchased thanks to gifts from community supporters
  • The City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County agreed to invest $3.2 million for building this community resource.
  • Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital signed a letter of intent to lease 3,000 square feet in The Center at Belvedere for a primary care clinic open to the public but focused on our senior population.
  • The University of Virginia Health System has committed to building a wellness program within the Center.
  • We will be a franchise owner of a Greenberry’s Café, operating in the hub of the new Center, offering made-to-order food, and beverages including beer and wine. The Café is key to our mission of social engagement for our members and guests.  It will also be open to all, providing a necessary place for people to build community which is especially important during challenging times.
  • Our Board of Directors selected Barton Malow General Contractor to complete a pre-construction and cost analysis in collaboration with Bushman Dreyfus Architects.
  • Bushman Dreyfus has completed schematic design and has begun design development. We will submit our site plan to Albemarle County this October.
  • Secured just under $11 million in gifts and pledges including, public funding from the City and County and the Center’s largest individual gift to date.

How will we get there? With your help!

Steps You Can Take


Visit the Senior Center or explore other pages on our Senior Center, Inc. website, to learn more about the programs offered at our local award-winning Senior Center and its impact on the greater Charlottesville community.  Sign up for our weekly e-mail newsletter at the bottom of this webpage.

Visit websites like these to see the positive influence that senior centers can have on aging well in general: National Institute of Senior Centers and National Center for Creative Aging. 


Invite friends and family to visit the Senior Center and try out a program. Forward interesting articles about aging well, or post them on Facebook. Talk about the importance of healthy aging for our lives and our communities. Tell your friends, family, coworkers and public officials why healthy aging matters to you.

Tell us your “Senior Center Story.” We would love to hear about the difference our center has made in your life. Send your story to our staff by clicking on “email us” at the bottom of this webpage.


Personal philanthropy can take many forms. You can become a Senior Center volunteer and use your knowledge and skills at the Center or in our community. You can make your own personal investment in the Center at Belvedere.

To discuss these or other opportunities for philanthropy, contact campaign director Kittie Abell at 434.974.7756 or via .